Achievement and SIP

School Learning Plans 2016 – 2017


Our School Learning Plans (SLP) are yearly goals that are created to support students' academic, social and emotional growth. Mathematics and Literacy are the two curricular areas we are exploring this year with our academic SLP. For Math, the focus is on students developing computational fluency and solving multi-step problems and in Language, we are working on comprehension of texts and communicating effectively orally and in writing.

Teachers have been actively working together to develop achievable learning goals. Here are a few examples of the rich teaching and learning experiences that have been taking place at various division levels: developing problem solving steps with students; using manipulatives to explore, investigate and represent student thinking; creating rich cross-strand, multi- step problems, supporting fluency with Math computations and flexible thinking about Math; engaging students in rich read alouds to deepen comprehension; applying accountable talk strategies while using rich read alouds and using games and real world applications to bolster language capacities.

At home, please continue to find opportunities to expose your child to numeracy opportunities in everyday life (i.e., trips to the grocery store). Discussing with your child ways in which they approach everyday math problems at home can also be rewarding experiences to help your child increase their confidence in mathematics.


For our Student Wellbeing (SLP) our overriding goal is to provide a safe, accepting and inclusive environment, identify strategies that support a positive sense of self and belonging and skills to assist students in making healthy choices to support learning.

Following a review of the Board's Framework for Wellbeing, student and parent feedback from our Tell Them From Me (TTFM) survey in 2013-15 and 2016 and staff training on Growth Mindset, several focus areas have been identified along with strategies to support further learning and development. These have been included in our plan here.


Your home support in discussing our anti-bullying strategies, brainstorming ways to problem solve everyday situations, encouraging your child to embrace challenging tasks and persist towards completion and to persevere through difficult social interactions or negative experiences, are important ways to help build greater personal resiliency, self-regulation and independence.

We invite you to join in our Family Yoga nights initiated by our Parent Council to help promote physical wellness. These sessions are free and open to all families. Please forward any feedback or questions regarding our Student Wellbeing Plan (SLP) to Mr. Kondric.

School Learning Plan 2014 – 2016

From 2014-16, our School Learning Plan (SLP) has focused on differentiation across many curricular areas. For our Primary English/French, Kindergarten, and Junior English teachers, the focus has been on Mathematics, while our Junior French and Primary ETFI teachers have been focused on developing critical thinking in Social Studies and Language Arts respectively. These various goals were developed with the intent of harnessing the perse learning strengths of our learners and engaging our students to make meaningful connections to their learning.

Teachers have been actively working together to develop achievable and effective learning goals. Here are a few examples to highlight the rich learning at various pision levels: developing problem solving steps with students and using math manipulatives to solve problems; supporting fluency with math computations and flexible thinking about Math; engaging students in repeat read alouds to deepen comprehension; applying accountable talk strategies while using rich read alouds, and differentiating various learning experiences in a play-based environment. These strategies have been implemented with ample time for practice, student conferencing, and ongoing teacher and peer feedback. Students have been successful in demonstrating their thinking and learning through using the success criteria visible in classrooms, communicating their thinking and achievement with peers and teachers, as well as presenting their thoughts and ideas in a variety of formats that showcase a variety of learning styles.

Our School Learning Plan continues to support our school’s philosophy of promoting a safe and caring learning environment. Through our WITS program (W- walk away, I- ignore, T – talk it out, S – seek help) students are supported in solving conflicts, actively listening to others’ perspectives and communicating positively and effectively. As a school we continue to be committed to fostering a culture of caring and inclusion, where all students feel a strong sense of belonging. 

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