Parking at Westwind

Guidelines for safe arrival, departure and parking at Westwind.
Posted on 10/09/2018
As we encourage our students to choose active transportation, we want to ensure the safest possible environment to support them.

Kiss and Ride Drop-Off:

Students who must, on occasion, be delivered to school by car, should be dropped off at the front of the school in the Kiss and Ride zone. Students are able to exit the car directly onto the sidewalk. Please, note that the first space is reserved for our wheel-chair accessible school transportation vehicles which need to access the ramp on the sidewalk, before and after school.

Staff Parking Lot:

Only school staff should enter the school parking lot. Students are not permitted in this area at any time and should not be dropped off in this area. This practice will support student safety by limiting the number of vehicles crossing the sidewalk at the parking lot entrance. Students approaching by bicycle or on foot are directed to use the adjacent paved paths and the sidewalk to access the school yard. 

Secure Yard Supervision:

Student Arrival and Dismissal
In the first week of school, we appreciate the support of parents in helping students to find their way onto the yard and to their entry doors. By the second week of school, those entry routines have been practiced several times daily and are well-established, so that students can competently take on this responsibility for themselves.

At this time, we now ask for the cooperation of the whole community to minimize the number of parents on the yard before and after school. I present the following reasons why this matters to us as a school community:

1) When OCDSB staff are supervising a yard, it is expected that they will be focused solely on the students. However, when unidentified adults are present on the yard, staff must instead watch the adults, diverting their attention and preventing them from attending to the needs of students. While parents may feel well-known to our staff, we have occasional staff on duty every day who will not recognize you. This is highly stressful for staff and gives an inconsistent message to students, because we do not allow unidentified adults on the yard or into the school at other times of the day. We don’t want students or staff to become complacent about this.

2) When adults enter the yard with their children who are near kindergarten age and then leave the property with them at the bell, it creates confusion about whether those children should be at school or not.

3) At over 120 students, Westwind’ s Extended Day Program (EDP) is among the largest in the OCDSB. This program has been allocated the use of our school grounds before school entry and after dismissal, Monday to Friday. Only students who are under the supervision of the EDP should be on the grounds at those times. There is no supervision for non-EDP students. Like other times of day, there should not be unidentified adults on the grounds at those times.

How our parents can help

To support the work of our staff and the safety of all of our students, we ask you to observe the following:

Mornings: Parents of students in grades 1-6 are asked to drop off students at the gates and to refrain from entering the yard themselves. Kindergarten parents may deliver their children to the kinder gate and are then asked to move off of the school yard. 3:45

Dismissal: Parents of grades 1-6 should meet their children at the gate closest to their route home. Students will exit by their regular doors (not the front door) when looking for parents who are meeting them—please discuss which gate you will be at. Parents of kindergarten students will be permitted to meet their children at the kindergarten yard, to escort them off the yard.

The following shows who we expect to see the yard at different times in the day.

• EDP students are permitted on the yard under supervision of school staff.

• All students may be on the yard under supervision of school staff.
• Parents accompanying their children are asked to drop off students at the gate.
• Parents of kindergarten students may accompany their children to the kinder gate if necessary, and should then leave the yard.

 • All students are permitted on the yard under supervision of school staff.

• All students are dismissed for the day and are expected to make their way to their after school care locations.
• Parents should meet students at one of the yard gates.
• Kindergarten parents are asked to continue to meet their child(ren) at the kinder gates.
• EDP students are permitted on the yard under supervision of school staff. 

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